Flat Pack Assembly

Flat pack Assembly Services in Croydon

local_flat_pack_assembly_service_croydonHave you ever bought flat pack furniture? You select your order and excitement builds as you wait expectantly for your new piece of furniture to arrive, then it does……….. It’s a box. Flat pack furniture used to be a rarity, now its standard, the norm. You sit there and look at it for hours or days before you have the will to even open the box and check to see if all essential ingredients are there, as you look at the instructions which seems to be in a language you don’t quite understand, you flip the instructions upside down and from left to right, you read it again just trying to make some sense of how all the nuts and bolts goes together…….. You give up, put it down and there it stays for months, or until you think ‘’I’ll give it one more stab’’.

Let Trusted-handyman take away the doubt and the confusion, our handymen are experts at putting together any and all types of flat pack furniture. Your piece of furniture, bed, cupboard, kitchen, wardrobe, table, what-ever it is, as long as it’s flat packed we can put it together for you. It will be put together correctly, all screws and fittings appropriately placed, the work area will be left clean and tidy.

At Trusted-Handyman we actually love and relish the challenge of completing a task and leaving you with a piece of furniture in pride of place looking just the way that you imagined it would when you thumbed through the catalogue, picked it up from the store or had it delivered.

Call Trusted-Handyman on: Tel: 0203 371 8124 Mob: 07710 080 545 for a quote.